Current Projects:


Dir Biyabir is normally focused on funding long-term sustainable projects such as those listed below. However due to multiple crises in Ethiopia including massive terrorist attacks on civilians by the likes of TPLF and OLA-Shene as well as COVID, Dir Biyabir has been driving the following emergency fundraisers:



This project addresses the issue of severe deforestation and environmental degradation in the Northern Shewa region of the central highlands of Ethiopia, a region which is part of the  Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspot. The purpose of the project is to engage rural youth in the environmental rehabilitation and biodiversity conservation of their homeland. The project takes a very integrated approach by providing economic empowerment opportunities for villagers to create income generating enterprises, while at the same time protecting the environment and regenerating the unique biodiversity and cultural heritage of the area. This integrated approach meets the immediate and urgent needs of the community, while simultaneously fostering and protecting the cultural and biological diversity of the area. Read more...



Dir Biyabir has a strong focus on providing access to books for school children to encourage learning and a love for reading. Most schools in Ethiopia suffer from a severe lack of books and we have repeatedly seen the excitement in children when they are simply given a book.  Dir Biyabir sponsors book projects in several regions in Ethiopia.  Each project is funded based on a written proposal that includes a list of books requested by the school, all books are purchased locally in Ethiopia. Read more...



In 2012 Dir Biyabir initiated a new project to sponsor girls in seven rural kebeles in Bassona Worana Woreda in Northern Shewa region to attend local schools.  This was a need identified by our local partner ADHENO after discussion with the community. There are many girls in the area who are eager to attend school but were unable to afford even basic school material as they are either orphaned or have parents who can not afford the expense. Read more... 



Empowering women has immense benefits to families, communities, and societies in general. Given this reality, Dir Biyabir actively seeks opportunities to support, encourage, and  invest in enterprises run by women.  We have supported entrepreneurship by women in a wide range of environments including Orthodox nuns in Sebeta, Afar Women in Awash, Leprosy survivors in Addis Abeba, and school girls in Northern Shewa. Read more...



Though building infrastructure is not the focus of Dir Biyabir, over the course of our projects we have funded building/expansion of rural schools, footpaths as well as a bridge. These projects were funded at the specific request of rural communities and had clear social and economic benefits, there were also no other sources of funding available for these key projects. Read more...


Landscape of Moyi Kasset Kebele.

A grant of $1,000 provided to the school alowed them to purchase books for the library.

Four-month old chickens from the Poultry-Rearing project.

Water point for human consumption quality assessment by the expert.