Update on Afar Emergency Relief


Total funds raised (including $5,000 contribution from Dir Biyabir): $35,644

Funds sent to : Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA)  in 2 separate wires in December 2021 ($25,000) and February 2022 ($10,644)
Receipts issued by APDA : Found here & here
Relief Efforts:  As summarized in the table below, on April 19 2022, APDA was able to purchase and distribute wheat , barley, sugar and dates using the funds provided by Dir Biyabir.  The relief items were distributed to 968 IDP (internally displaced people) in the Erebti area where there are over 40,000 displaced people.
Though we were able to fund only a small fraction of what is needed, every bit of relief helps until this tragic situation is brought to  a close. We thank APDA for making it possible for us to help support the innocent victims in the Afar region.



Fundraiser: November - December 2021

The Afar people have been playing an invaluable role in fighting the expansion and aggression of the TPLF terrorist group in Ethiopia. Civilians including women and children have paid a heavy price with hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of displaced.  Schools, hospitals and water supplies have been intentionally destroyed by TPLF.  The population needs urgent assistance however relief from UN agencies has been severely limited if at all available.

A local non-profit known as Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA) has been trying to help as much as possible.  The Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA) was co-founded by a remarkable woman who is doing great work to help the displaced and suffering people in the Afar region.  Valerie (aka Maalika) is a nurse from Australia who has been living among the Afar people for over 30 years.  She is married to an Afar leader Ismael Ali Gordo, and together with him and other members of the community they founded APDA  in 1994. Their website has current updates on the tragic situation :  You can also watch a video about the current  situation as narrated by her here: and also a recent interview with Valerie is found here: 


Dir Biyabir has been in communication with Valerie and on November 17, 2021, we proposed we reach out to our members and supporters to raise fund for APDA for emergency relief for the Afar people.  Dir Biyabir commits to sending 100% of funds raised PLUS an additional $5,000 USD from our own coffers.  Valerie has expressed her enthusiastic support for this fundraising effort. For folks who want to donate directly to APDA we have indicated below, the banking information and you can wire your donation directly to them.


In Valerie's own words in her email to us from November 18, 2021, here are the needs: “First FOOD; then supporting health workers to walk through the displacement areas providing nutrition surveillance, maternal care; awareness on disease prevention and help with dirty water; basic treatment. Then of course markets must not die - the actual internal market of the Afar must be much more active. Education is not functional but desperately needed in an informal way to calm, make productive the minds of young people - wanting to re-establish mobile education”.


If you choose to participate in the Dir Biyabir fundraiser your donation is 100% US tax-deductible and you will receive a tax receipt from us.  Your donation will also qualify for a corporate match if your employer has such a program (we encourage you to check as you can double your donation with a corporate match).  In summary her is how you can donate:


How to Donate to Afar Emergency Relief

1. Donate to Dir Biyabir via our DONATE page.  On this page you may donate by Check or PayPal.  Whether you donate by check or PayPal please add a note that says “Afar Emergency Relief”  Please send donation by December 15 so we do not delay the funds.


2. Wire funds directly to APDA using the following banking information:

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Samara branch

Account name: APDA contribution

Account Number: 1000226347198



Thank you in advance for your support!