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If you support the vision and goals of Dir Biyabir, we invite you to join us by becoming a member. If you are already a member, we invite you to renew your membership annually. Membership is open to any interested person, and there are no responsibilities other than paying the membership fees annually. Membership is a mechanism to fund our projects in Ethiopia via membership fees. There are no additional responsibilities or obligations for being a member. Membership fees are 100% tax deductible (as they are essentially donations and you get nothing in return) and we will email a tax receipt to you. Membership fees, as with all other donations, are eligible for corporate match so please check with your employer and you may be able to double or even triple your impact!
100% of membership fees (and any other donations) are used to fund projects, so funding new grassroots projects in Ethiopia is directly dependent upon increasing our membership base.  
STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: Our membership dues simply ensure a minimum amount of financial support for grassroots projects in Ethiopia. The more members we have, or the higher the level of membership, the more projects we can sponsor in Ethiopia.  It's a numbers game, the more members, the stronger our "web".  If you like the kinds of projects we sponsor, the best way to support these projects is to join us as a member and see if you can get your friends and family to join too!
All of Dir Biyabir’s administrative expenses are covered by the Executive team, to ensure that 100% of your membership fees and donations go directly to support our project work in Ethiopia.
There are three levels of membership as outlined below. Please note than as of January 14, 2022 we have revised our membership levels. The Silver level ($100/year) has been dropped and the Gold level was updated from $200 to $250/year.  Given the immense need to expand the scope of our work in Ethiopia, this change was necessary to increase our capacity to fund projects. We encourage existing members to re-subscribe at these new membership levels.


  • Diamond Member: $1,000 per calendar year
  • Platinum Member: $500 per calendar year
  • Gold Member: $250 per calendar year
In order to propose a new project for Dir Biyabir to support, we require Platinum membership at a minimum 

A - Join Dir Biyabir

You can become a member of Dir Biyabir by simply paying the membership dues in one of the following ways:


Please make check payable to Dir Biyabir and mail to us at the following address. Please include your email on your check so we can send you a receipt and occasional project updates (your email will not be provided to any groups or organizations whatsoever): 
     Dir Biyabir
     P.O. Box 914
     Mountain View, CA 94042

Once we receive your dues we will send you a receipt and will notify you of your membership. 



You can pay your membership dues via PayPal.  If you would like to pay for just one year at a time you can use the "Donate" button below and indicate the membership level you want.  If you would like to auto-renew your membership, please use the "Subscribe" button in the Auto-Renewal section below.  We highly recommend that you subscribe for auto-renewal so you don't have to remember to pay your dues every year. This also frees up our scarce volunteer resources to focus on project execution rather than reminding members to renew, so we highly appreciate all auto-renewals!


B - Renew Your Dir Biyabir Membership

We rely on the continued support of our members to fund our projects in Ethiopia. Membership is annual and can be paid any time within a calendar year. You can renew your membership by simply paying the membership dues for a given year in one of the two methods below.  We highly encourage our members to renew their membership by June of each calendar year as this frees up our scarce volunteer time and effort to focus on projects rather than on sending reminders for membership renewal.


Due to strong interest from our members for auto-renewal of membership, we are now offering a new Paypal option that will allow our members to select "Subscription" payment, i.e you can choose to have PayPal automatically send us your membership dues once a year. If you are interested in this option please use the PayPal "Subscribe" button below and you will no longer need to worry about sending in your payment for membership as PayPal will send it to us every 12 months from the date of your subscription.  
If you choose this option, we highly recommend you "subscribe" early in the calendar year (i.e before April).  This way, you will not receive renewal reminder emails from us for the rest of the year.  You can cancel auto-renewal anytime you want via PayPal.  We hope you find this new option helpful!  Please select a membership level then click on the "Subscribe" button


Membership Types

Alternatively, you can also auto-renew by check simply by setting up "bill-pay" with your bank and they will automatically send us a check every year on the date you specifify.  This is a great option as no fees are deducted.



If you do not want to sign up for auto-renewal, you can still renew your membership every year by check or via PayPal.  We will send you reminders on a quarterly basis.


Please make check payable to Dir Biyabir and mail to us at the following address. Please include your email on your check so we can send you a receipt and occasional project updates: 
     Dir Biyabir 
     P.O. Box 914       
     Mountain View, CA 94042
Once we receive your dues we will email you a receipt and will notify you of your membership renewal. 


Select a membership level by clicking on the "Donate" button



‚ÄčFarmer-priests in Moy Kebele


Children in the village of Amoragedel