Amhara Refugees from Wellega - Emergency Fundraiser:


Our February 2022 fundraiser has raised $24,693. With the additional contribution of $5,000 from Dir Biyabir that brings the total to $29,693. There will be a total of three phase of relief distributions funded by this donation. 

We are gratified to have an uncommonly efficient and effective partner like ADHENO who has made it possible for all of us to help alleviate the suffering of these innocent displaced  folks by first listening to them regarding their needs, purchasing all items locally, and delivering exactly the requested food and non-food relief items. We are also grateful to have detailed report to update us on the status of each phase of relief. Many many thanks to ADHENO, and especially to their small Debre Birhan-based team that implemented all relief activity.

Wellega IDP Relief, Debre Birhan Phase III - July 12, 2022


Wellega IDP Relief, Debre Birhan Phase II - April 21, 2022

Our local partner on the ground ADHENO, was able to deliver a second round of emergency relief just in time for Ethiopian Easter.  The 2 tables below provide a good summary of the relief distributed in phase II relief efforts, as well as the associated cost.
The tables were extracted from the ADHENO status update report on phase II. We urge you to read the full report here for details. It contains excellent background information. In addition on page 6 there are links that will take you to video footage of the relief efforts.
Phase III, the last round of relief is planned for June 2022.  Many thanks to our donors as well as to the dedicated staff of ADHENO for meeting the needs of the displaced innocent victims.




On March 18 our project partner ADHENO implemented Phase 1 of emergency food distribution for Amhara IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) sheltered in the city of Debre Birhan. The total cost of Phase I relief was $12,000 and it is documented in the attached ADHENO report 

The following two tables extracted from the report summarize the relief items delivered as well as the cost.

You may also view photos of the IDP here. Videos of the IDP are available on our youTube channel here.


1 Quintal = 100kg = 220 pounds



FUNDRAISER - February 2022

As the endless attacks unleashed by the terrorist OLF-Shene against Amhara civilians continues unabated, terrorized civilians have been fleeing from the Wellega region.  Displaced from their homes, some of those that survived the massacre of the terrorist group fled to the capital Addis Abeba where they received neither help nor sympathy. In desperation they fled further north and currently over 30,000 of  the internally displaced people (IDP) are sheltered in the N.Shewa region, and of these about 9,000 are settled in the town of Debre Birhan.

On February 7 2022, our local partner ADHENO met with the Planning Commission of the Office of the Mayor of Debre Birhan to gather data on the IDPs. They were informed that a significant number of IDPs are staying in two non-operational factories in Kebele 07 & 08. The remaining IDPs are sheltered in public halls located in Kebele 03 & 04.  The Adheno team visited the displaced folks at these locations to assess their condition and to ask them first hand about their key unmet needs.

The situation and the unmet key needs as related to ADHENO are summarized below. The purpose of this fundraiser is to meet these key needs.

  • Ethnic Amhara have been displaced from five districts of East Wellega and seven Kebeles of Danu district of West Shewa Zone by the OLF-Shene Terrorist group.
  • Over 30,000 of  the internally displaced people (IDP) are currently in N.Shewa, of these about 9,000 are settled in the town of Debre Birhan.
  • The IDP have been sheltered in two non-operational factories in Kebele 07 & 08. The remaining IDPs are sheltered in public halls located in Kebele 03 & 04. 
  • Residents of Debre Birhan have been providing as much food as they can afford, as well as clothes and other items
  • Debre Birhan University has provided mattresses
  • UNHCR has provided some blankets and cooking pots but no food
  • The support from the local government has been limited to finding spaces for the IDP to settle in
  • There has been no support of any kind from the federal government

Key Needs

The immediate unmet need as expressed by the IDP themselves is food.  They repeatedly and urgently requested teff flour to make their staple injera.  Some shiro (chick-pea powder) would also give them protein to go with the injera.  They also do not have enough blankets and mattresses.  At well over 9,000 feet above sea level, Debre Birhan is the highest town of it’s size in Africa and is well known for it’s cold weather.

The initial focus of this fundraiser will be in providing for the immediate needs of the IDP as expressed by themselves, i.e food.  Specifically the plan is to purchase and provide teff flour and shiro.  Depending on the amount of funds raised we may also be able to purchase mattresses and blankets.

Long Term
When asked by Adheno about their long-term desire, the IDP surprisingly stated their great desire to return to their homes and farm and support themselves if the government is able to ensure their safety.  Given the horrific crimes they have repeatedly been subjected to, this is a testament to their incredible resilience.
Key points on the fundraiser
  • We have opened a GoFundMe campaign. 
  • The fundraiser will close on March 5, given the emergency we would really appreciate if you could send in your donation as soon as you can.
  • We guarantee that 100% of all donations (and match) received from this fundraiser will be sent to Adheno specifically for this emergency relief in Debre Birhan. 
  • 100% of your donation is tax-deductible in the US as Dir Biyabir is a registered non-profit. GoFundMe will be emailing you a tax receipt 
  • If you work for a company that has an employee match program we urge you to request a match for your donation by submitting the GoFundMe receipt. If you do request a match please do so as early as possible since the process of releasing the matching funds can take up to 2 months.
  • For larger donations, we encourage you to send a check to us to avoid fees.  Please mail your check payable to “Dir Biyabir” to Dir Biyabir P O Box 914, Mountain View, CA 94042.  We will issue you a tax receipt.
  • Dir Biyabir will donate an additional $5,000 from it’s own coffers.