Sponsoring Rural Students:

In 2012 Dir Biyabir initiated a new project to sponsor girls in seven rural kebeles in Bassona Worana Woreda in Northern Shewa region to attend local schools.  This was a need identified by our local partner ADHENO after discussion with the community. There are many girls in the area who are eager to attend school but were unable to afford even basic school material as they are either orphaned or have parents who can not afford the expense.  Traditionally families prioritize boys over girls in providing educational opportunities, so Dir Biyabir places a special focus on supporting girls to go to school.  Many studies also show that educating girls translates to significant benefits for the entire family and community.

This project is implemented via our local partner ADHENO.  Based on funding provided by Dir Biyabir, ADHENO purchases all material needed by the students and hands them out to sponsored students. In 2013 ADHENO issued the following status report on the sponsored high school girls:

 2013 Adheno Report on High School School Sponsorship Program 


A- Elementary School Students


2012: Dir Biyabir sponsored 89 elementary school age girls by providing funding for the purchase of the school supplies they need to attend local schools (exercise books, pens, pencils etc)

2013: Dir Biyabir sponsored the education of 139 elementary school girls including all elementary school girls from the 2012 sponsorship program who wanted to continue with school. Sponsorship of elementary school girls consists of paying for their school supplies which costs about $10 per student per year, a sum most of us would consider insignificant, but an insurmountable obstacle for the families of these children.


2013 Elementary School Girls with School Supplies Funded by Dir Biyabir


2014: In 2014 Dir Biyabir continued to support the 139 elementary schools girls sponsored in 2013 at a cost of $10 per student to cover school supplies.  There were no additions to this program in 2014.



B- Secondary School Students


2012:  Dir Biyabir sponsored 16 high school girls to attend the closest high school in the town of Debre Berhan. Since these girls live in villages that are far from Debre Birhan, they need  to rent rooms in town. In 2012 Dir Biyabir provided these high school girls funds to buy uniforms and school material and Adheno was able to find other funds to allow them to rent rooms in town.

2013: Dir Biyabir funded a new batch of 16 girls who started grade 9 and committed to continue to support them through grade 12. The annual cost per  student including rent, school supplies, uniform,  and supplemental books is about $100.  The parents are responsible for providing them food. When the Dir Biyabir chairperson visited in April 2014, she met with these students and was happy with their progress, she asked how we could further support them and they made some very modest requests for additional pens, books, soap, and evening tutoring. Their requests will be accomodated in our 2014 funding.

                                            High School Students from 2013 Sponsorship Program


2014: In addition to continuing to fund the education of the 16 young women sponsored in 2013, we were able to add 12 new students to the program through the generous donation of 2 individuals, bringing the total to 28 sponsored high school students.  Based on feedback given from the students to the Dir Biyabir Chairperson during her April 2014 visit, our sponsorship funding was increased to cover additional reference books, a group tutor, additional pens and soaps.  With this increase, the cost per student is still a very modest $131 per year (up from $100) and also covers rent, school uniform, books and schools supplies.