Reforestation phase three:

A series of discussions were held by ADHENO with community members of Moy to identify the key needs of the community and assess the types of projects they were willing to commit to and invest their time and effort in.  As has been demonstrated through various projects implemented by ADHENO in this area, the full support and participation of the community is the single most important success factor in a project.  Since the community is willing to support only projects that meet their stated needs, this discussion with the local community was a critical part in formulating project activities for phase 3. 

Phase 3 was implemented in the villages of Amoragedel, Moy, and Kasset, all within Moy Kebele.  It was funded via a Christensen Fund grant of $86,300 USD that Dir Biyabir won in November 2012. Implementation period ran from January 2013 to December 2014.

Since the project area is extremely poor and neglected (even by Ethiopian standards), the community was understandably focused on projects that would allow them to generate income. Having participated in and seen the impact of ADHENO’s environmental projects in the area, they were very impressed and satisfied by the renewal of the landscape and the protection of soil and water, However lacking enough to eat and to support their families, they also communicated a great need to find a way to generate additional income and to send their children to school as a way to escape extreme poverty at some point. In addition to afforestation and biodiversity, ideas for such income generating activities that were of great interest in the community were discussed. The lack of better footpaths/horsepaths was also a great concern for the community as it hindered their ability to take their goods to market and hindered their children from going to school.

Key accomplishments in Phase 3 include the following:

A) Environmental


Seedling Station at Kasset Tig Closure Site at Kasset is Recovering Vegetation Cover Qes Lakew with traditional medicinal plants


B) Economic Empowerment


Woman Potter with her new donkey Blacksmith with his new tools Using the newly constructed footpath



C) Education and Health 

Children at Amoragedel School while its constructed New spring at Amoragedel Farmers at New FTC Fruit Tree Distribution